Nostalgic (Translated Thai Joke)

Today’s Translated Thai Joke is the product of an unusual aspect of Thai society.


Two young lovers carry each other back to their hotel room. After making love, they lie holding each other. The girl reaches a hand under the covers and places it over her partner’s privates.
She: I miss it so much.
He smiles proudly and shoots her an incredulous look.
He: Oh, yeah? You miss me already?
She: No, it’s not that. It’s just…I used to have one.


Trans women and cross-dressing men are extraordinarily common in Thailand. You’ve almost certainly met one of these if you’ve ever been to Thailand, whether you know it or not. The English term used in Thailand for a trans woman or effeminate man is “Ladyboy,” while the Thai word is kathoey (กะเทย). You’ll hear these terms all the time if you visit the Land of Smiles.

You might even encounter one of Thailand’s infamous kathoey kwai (กะเทยควาย, literally “buffalo ladyboys,” figuratively “Trannosaurus Rex”), a term used to refer to particularly poorly camouflaged cross-dressers. While “buffalo” is an uncommon insult in the Anglophone world, it’s very popular in Thailand as a way to refer to an especially large or slow person.

That’s all for now! If you didn’t like today’s joke, at least enjoy this clip of one of the most popular contestants in Thailand’s Got Talent history: