Allergic to Bangkok

It’s hard for me to overstate how corny Thai pop culture can sometimes be, so I’ll let Thai pop culture attempt to overstate its own corniness. Here’s a literal translation of the chorus of the most popular song in the country right now, “ภูมิแพ้กรุงเทพฯ” (“Allergic to Bangkok”).

Him: Since I came and met you I’ve been nothing but extremely happy.
I want to sing to keep you from turning away from helping to heal my heart.
Her: Dear brother, if you speak truly, I’m sure to accept.
If you haven’t come to trick me, I’ll love you with all my heart.
Him: I haven’t come to trick you!
Both: Our love will surely last a really long time.

Full disclosure: I love this effin’ song and its music video. This is just pure Thailand. You don’t need to understand a word of Thai to get the point. Enjoy!

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