Ghana vs. USA (First Half Observations)

Five observations from the first half of today’s second Group G match, between old enemies Ghana and the United States.

Beasley’s Old Legs

Demarcus Beasley is having trouble keeping up with Ghana’s Jordan Ayew. All our problems have come from the right side, so Besler’s absence may be a problem.

Jermaine’s Positioning

Part of the problem for DeMarcus Beasley in that half was that Jermaine Jones didn’t protect him. He’ll have to do a better job in the second half.

Perfect Timing

The understanding between Ghana’s crossers and forwards was tremendous in that first half; as soon as a ball was struck, in went the forwards, effectively breaking the American offside trap. If the wings aren’t secured, that will cause problems for the USA.

Johansson’s Movement

Young striker Aron Johansson is a great finisher, but his best weapon is his positional awareness. As the Ghanaians tire, he’ll be able to pick out some devastating runs on the counter.

Timmy the Magnificent

Tim Howard was as good as ever in that first half. He’ll have to keep it up in the second half, as well as using his communication skills to keep a back four that has never played together in sync.

Picture credit: My patriotic brother Babe Berry

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